Thursday, January 21, 2010

a fungal story

Amy Ross Collage via Pop-pervert

I've always been [and am] texturally sensitive to food, so I was never really fond of mushrooms. As a kid, I developed an aversion to chewy and [unusually] resilient meats of any kind*. Little did I know that my mum was feeding me Campbell's heavily creamed soup [of deceit]. So it was only up until recently [as in last month] that I began to develop an interest in mushrooms. All thanks to a friend who is a self-professed mushroom connoisseur and has this unbridled enthusiasm for story telling. She introduced me to a couple of guidebooks detailing in some of the most exquisite varieties of mushrooms I've ever seen, [most of them being exclusive to the Northeastern region].

So it's no wonder that so many people have an affinity for these remarkably delicate organisms. There's even a FungiFest being held in LA this month. The line up sounds pretty interesting: mushroom harvesting and cooking, tours, slime mold racing [...], mushroom flavoured gelato tastings and more. I've included a short on one of the festival's speakers, Dr. Bob Cummings. It documents Dr. Bob on one of his routine mushroom drives**/walks and introduces a variety of colorful specimens.

Dr. Bob Cummings from David Fenster on Vimeo.

I've always found it fascinating to observe a person speak passionately about their field or something that they are deeply interested in. It’s like they exude a kind of captivating force that draws curiosity where it never existed [especially for something like mushrooms]. Personally, I have had yet to discover that single impetus to make my heart palpitate wildly, so its quite exciting to watch and listen to someone else who has.

*includes the likes of clams/mussels
**he has the ability to spot mushrooms on the side of the road going 40 mph.

adventurer's essentials: travel pack

Bill Amberg Skiff Bag via Monocle

Every adventurer carries a kit of some kind or another: may it be a notepad, dirt encrusted tools or specimen jars. What better to carry your tools than these neat, nautical inspired bags. Adventurers have the option between either lightening blue and hot mustard*, need I say more?

*only the greatest colour known to [wo]mankind..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

my milk toof

my milk toof by inhae lee

milk tooth n. a temporary first tooth of a young mammal-also called deciduous tooth.
milk toof n. a curious, petit-sized tooth creature.

This is the not-so-petit-sized adventures of two milk toofs: walking, talking [and baking] molars.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

please be seated

buroJET via design milk
Not enough room for furniture?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

we are our toughest critics

" One of the things that’s so fascinating about an art form is that it may be good, mediocre or terrible but it’s not perfect, so when it’s over you’re constantly impelled to try another one because you suffer from the delusion that you can get perfection. Intellectually, I’ve given up and I’m happy that the picture is not an embarrassment. I start out thinking it’s going to be the greatest thing ever made and when I see what I’ve done I’m always saying, 'I’ll do anything to save this from being an embarrassment.’” woody allen

Telegraph UK: Woody Allen Interview

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Night Lights

night lights from thesystemiFont sizes on Vimeo. (via swiss-miss)

Team of six, one building, several pedestrians, and a whole lot of lights. Check out this awesome interactive light installation that gave audiences a chance to shake-it on the big screen aka the facade of Auckland Ferry Building. Created by Zach Lieberman and his fellow sound designers and programmers.

I just recently discovered Zach's work through his presentation on creative mornings (which you can find below). He, along with his designer buddies, hack/creates codes to produce whimsical and fun interactive projects, like the one shown above. His work is really inspiring, plus he happened to enlighten me upon the fact that not all hackers eat microchips for breakfast and excretes trojans and malicious viruses...

10/30 Zachary Lieberman from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.