Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Night Lights

night lights from thesystemiFont sizes on Vimeo. (via swiss-miss)

Team of six, one building, several pedestrians, and a whole lot of lights. Check out this awesome interactive light installation that gave audiences a chance to shake-it on the big screen aka the facade of Auckland Ferry Building. Created by Zach Lieberman and his fellow sound designers and programmers.

I just recently discovered Zach's work through his presentation on creative mornings (which you can find below). He, along with his designer buddies, hack/creates codes to produce whimsical and fun interactive projects, like the one shown above. His work is really inspiring, plus he happened to enlighten me upon the fact that not all hackers eat microchips for breakfast and excretes trojans and malicious viruses...

10/30 Zachary Lieberman from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

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