Saturday, March 20, 2010

project WISDOM

Anthropologie (yes the same place that presses out brightly floral printed dresses) has set up a brilliantly inspiring site the ANTHROPOLOGIST. it's a collage of speakers, thoughts, phrases, and concepts that all pertain to inspiration.

This particular film is a culmination of thoughts about love.

Freedom. Its the first concept thats expressed, and its the most apparent theme throughout the film. The direction of focus on each individual is wonderfully illuminated by the minimalist background. The way the camera makes you focus on their features and their movements and sound (especially love the undulating tones of voices). It just all adds to this really relaxed and familial atmosphere; makes the anecdotes all the more enjoyable. They interviewed a couple of biggies. It was interesting to hear how they open up and talk about the people and things that ground them to this earth.

"Each portrait and interview was an intense hour, where an environment was created to allow each person to speak honestly and openly about their perspectives on life. Without the distraction of needing to sell or endorse anything, the contributors spoke incredibly truthfully about themselves."

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